Ash Women's MCBI027010O Black Leather Sandals XxeLij7FjI

Ash Women's MCBI027010O Black Leather Sandals XxeLij7FjI
  • SANDALS ASH, LEATHER 100%, color BLACK, Leather sole, SS15, product code MCBI027010O
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  • Outer Material: Other Leather
  • Inner Material: Leather
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Ash Women's MCBI027010O Black Leather Sandals XxeLij7FjI Ash Women's MCBI027010O Black Leather Sandals XxeLij7FjI Ash Women's MCBI027010O Black Leather Sandals XxeLij7FjI
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Culture Cut

by High-Functioning Flesh

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Corroded Atmosphere
Corroded Atmosphere HFF are great! Their music sounds like is coming straight from the eighties, but without only copying only there influences. Sure, you can hear artists like Portion Control in the music of HFF, but with lots of own ideas. For me, as someone who is growing up with the original oldschool EBM from the eighties and nineties, listening to HFF is like I discover a band I missed back then. Favorite track: Stationed.
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy Great swan song from a fantastic act. Definitely the best EBM release I've heard in ages and way above much of the cookie-cutter stuff from the genre. Favorite track: Invoking Phantoms.
Christopher Hasler
Eric Dacaboya
Vivek Rangarajan
Jill Grant
Matthew Bird
Darren Beckley
The Wasteland
Sam Loomes
josh russo
David Plummer
Hobart Blankenburg
Gregory McClintock
Michael Marvin
Jacob Gonzales
Miz Margo
Mike Schmor
Josh Guinan
Jason Hollis
Summer Wasting
En Lewellyn
Alan Guillen
Adam Vorobyov
Jared Helfer
No Name No Slogan
Winter's Holy Hand
Jörg Kretzmann
Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 3
Michael Kurt
almost undead
Daniel Felice
Delia Crittershire
Michael F Ninethousand
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DAIS101 - Order the vinyl at
released June 23, 2017
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Authored by Rich Harris, Svelte takes a unique approach. It compiles your app at build time so that you ship the lightest weight code possible. From the documentation:

...Svelte has a crucial difference: rather than interpreting your application code at run time, your app is converted into ideal JavaScript at build time. That means you don't pay the performance cost of the framework's abstractions, or incur a penalty when your app first loads.

And because there's no overhead, you can easily adopt Svelte in an existing app incrementally, or ship widgets as standalone packages that work anywhere.

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, a framework similar in philosophy to Next.js , but with a greater emphasis on performance.

Sapper is a framework for building extremely high-performance web apps...There are two basic concepts:

Building an app with all the modern best practices — code-splitting, offline support, server-rendered views with client-side hydration — is fiendishly complicated. Sapper does all the boring stuff for you so that you can get on with the creative part.

There are a lot of interesting frameworks here. Some are the product of a single developer, while others have strong communities with a large number of contributors and corporate sponsorship.

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Authored by Yiyi Sun, AppRun in a small (3KB) library that uses TypeScript as the development language and takes inspiration from Elm:

Binding.scala is a one-way data-binding library written in Scala, although it targets both JavaScript and JVM. From the documentation :

Bobril takes inspiration from React and Mithril . From the documentation:

It is fast, low size framework with rendering based on Virtual DOM. The main focus is on speed and simplicity of code generation...Content and behavior of any page can be defined simply by composing JavaScript objects.

The page content rendering is based on comparison of Virtual DOMs. The application has some state in time and bobril application generates the Virtual DOM according to this state. Virtual DOM is an object representation of the resultant DOM. If some state-changing event occurs and the previous Virtual DOM is different than currently generated Virtual DOM, the real DOM will change according to this change.

is a functional library for building user interfaces. It's small (4KB) and supports server rendering. The Choo philosophy:

We believe frameworks should be disposable, and components recyclable. We don't want a web where walled gardens jealously compete with one another. By making the DOM the lowest common denominator, switching from one framework to another becomes frictionless. Choo is modest in its design; we don't believe it will be top of the class forever, so we've made it as easy to toss out as it is to pick up...We want everyone on a team, no matter the size, to fully understand how an application is laid out. And once an application is built, we want it to be small, performant and easy to reason about. All of which makes for easy to debug code, better results and super smiley faces.

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